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The News-Star from Monroe, Louisiana • Page 2
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The News-Star from Monroe, Louisiana • Page 2

The News-Stari
Monroe, Louisiana
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

PAGE TWO THE MONROE (LA.) NEWS-STAR MAY 22, 1946 COCIETV EVE C. BRADFORD. Society Editor 4800 Resident Events Of Interest Crowd The Calendar Informality Is The Keynote Of Mrs. Marion Supper Party A beautifully appointed buffet supper served English style and featuring the favorite dishes of Britishers was given by Mrs. Marion Learned at her home in honor of Ma.ior Thomas Ditton who addressed Town Hall members in a stirring talk on personal adventure in side streets all over the world.

candelabra gleamed at either end of RAINBOW INN IS THE SCENE Miss Russell, wearing a black model OF BEAUTIFULLY APPOINTED with pastel pink trimming pink TWELVE LUNCHEON accessories, wore the exquisite corsage of pink roses presented to her by her 1 hostesses. The Rainbow Inn with its handsome The motor trip to the Rainbow Inn The clever place cards marked furnishings, was the attractive setting 'yas another pleasant feature of for the two hostesses and Miss for one of tartest social affairs 1 and Mrs. Feith stood in Russell and Miss Anna Lee Russell, 0f the carjy SUmmer when Mrs. David the air-cooled lounge to welcome their Mrs. R.

Haynes. Mrs. Alden Shotwell, and Rjes Feith entertained guests as follows. Mmes. W.

Abram- Mrs. J. W. DeArman, Mrs. E.

D. 27 guests at luncheon followed by son, Jack Ansell, William Mintz, Abe Skinner, Mrs. Robert Holloway, Mrs. 1 cards. Novich.

Sam Smith, Louis Masur, Roy McCue. I Flowers of vivid hue adorned the Fred Marx, Louis Masur David Another luncheon honoring Miss tables and throughout the serving of Kaplin, Harold Heinberg, Bill Gold- Russeil took place in the Maple Room the delicious luncheon a ten piece smith, Edgar Masur, Isaac Lemle, of the Vuginia Hotel with Mrs. Allen played entrancing music. Freida Bridge, Abe Gold. Herman Turpin, and Mrs.

Fred Amman, Following the faultlessly served Masur. Albert Marx, Seymour Soln- hostesses. I luncheon, cards were introduced by mon, Clifford Strauss. A. E.

Wilenzick, They selected a pink and blue coloi the hostess Bridge was the choice of Joe Marx Sam Zauie. Sam Ben- theme and used Wedgwood blue some and others played rummy and del, Bernard Levi, I. P. Sandman, ice plates to enhance the beauty of mah jong. 1 N.

Mansberg David Marx. the luncheon table. A pyramid of pink gladioli formed the floral decor. Luckett will present her Broiled chicken was the piece de; jn piano recita, Thursday at resistance and tresh strawbeiry par- school auditorium at 8 p. m.

fait served in pink crystal glasses was The invsted tQ attend thedefert course. The program follows: The hostesses presented Miss Russell (Johann Strauss), I vvitti a silvei sandwich tray. Helen Marie Barnett, LaRue Jordan. Mrs, H. J.

Fernandez has returned from Alexandria accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Charles McNeill, who is convalescing from a recent illness at the Fernandez home. way ia the former Miss Pollyanna Shotwell. Mrs. Robert Holloway of Baton Rouge arrived in the city the first of the week to visit her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. Alden Shotwell. Mrs. Hollo- Mr. and Mrs.

D. P. McKoin of Pioneer, announce the marriage of their daughter, Billie, to Cpl. J. E.

Mills of the United States Army, son of Mr. W. P. Mills. The wedding took place May 3, in Monroe.

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Learned intimate friends an op.oitunity to enjoy an hour of vicarious adventuie Flowers from Mrs, English garden adorned the supper table. Trays of luscious viands weie placed along the boaTd for the convenience The guests in addition to Miss Rus- seli, were: Mrs. C. R. Russell, Miss Anna Lee Russell, Mrs.

J. W. DeArman, Mrs. Edward Skinner, Mrs. Robert Lynch, Mrs.

Fred Coon, Mrs. George Gun by and Miss Maigaret Poag. (Louise E. Stairs), Gay Lantrip, Duet, Round the (Thompson), Mary Jo Weber, Ann LaNell Weber. Society Calendar ms Major Ditton felt free to express of the guests who occupied small tables serviced in silver and crystal.

Mrs. guests were: Majoi Ditton. Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Cline, Dr and Mrs.

A. M. Seiex, Mi and Mrs John Gordon, Dr. and Mrs A. G.

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W. Dalgarn in Collinston. The reception suite was florally Thursday Mrs. John Allen and Mrs. Robert George will entertain for Miss Sybil the Old (N Louise Daughtry.

7:30 p. in the home of Wright); "Playing Indian" (Ann P. J. Fernandez. Richer), Jerome Malek.

Meeting of Georgia A. Clocks-Criss Cross" (Wil- Mrs. Carey Thompson, will en- Daffodils and (Louise E. tertain with a tea at her home on Doris Lantrip. Jasmine street, complimentary to Miss "March of the Folk" (Jessie Betty Jane Thompson, member of the In clin conducted too loat 14 In a faw with AYDS Vitamin Candy Ra- ducing of AYDS only t2 If not dohfebtad MOI6EY BACK od 6m Phone Sandman Pharmacy New South Drug Lover's Lane Pharmao Society will continue to revolve around brides-to-be througiioul tiie month of June and fir into the dimmer.

At the moment Miss Beverly Ruseell and Miss Sybil Daughtry me claiming the lion's share of attention as their wedding: will take place shortly One i-f the lovely courtesies extended Russell was the luncheon in the Butterfly Room of the Frances Hotel with Mrs. Roy Hale and Mrs. A. R. Holloway, hostesses.

flowers forming the central decor of the beautifully appointed luncheon table resembled a wedding ring bordered with gardenias and looped together with wide blue satin ribbons. White candles in crystal if honor Hyde Adai Trs. J. L. Tae Nunn old L.

Gaynor); "On the Deep (S Steinheimer), Helen Marie Barnett. Duet, "Laughing Buttons," John Bovd, Clyde B. Fulton. (Ada Richter), Ann LaNell Weber. "Airy Fairty (Spaulding); Patsy Nolan med with beautiful flowers in the colors- In the receiving line i Mrs.

Dal cam stood the guest and her mother. Mrs. ru, and her sisters-in-law, Patterson and Mrs. Irma of Bastrop. A group of and new, was rendered during the evening by Mrs.

A W. Offutt and Miss Ann Boyd, soloists, mmy Camp, Betty Ann Landrum. Parlor City Grove No. 288 meets at Walter Mae Dalgarn alternating at the jn tho Cold graduating class at Northeast Junior College. 4 to 6 p.

m. Meeting of the Rainbow For Girls at Masonic Temple. Open installation of new officers. 7:30 p. m.

Banquet for the Junior and Seniors of St. High School at the (J Offenbach), LaRue Francis Hotel, sponsored by the St. Jorctan, Matthew A. Duet, of the Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle IS SURE 'Glasses that 1. ou can make tour own EASY TERMS.

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Fulton. W. Pmkett, presided at the, bride'- book. In the dining room an artistic arrangement of sweetpeas, hydrangeas, and Queen lace, centered the lace covered table where Mrs. W.

T. Griffir and Mrs. J. G. Pyron alternately served at the punch bowl Mrs.

R. Norman, and Mrs. R. L. Pollock assisted serving assorted sandwiches and confections.

The many lovely and useful gifts -re on display in an adjoining room Among the pieces of crystal, silver, an almost complete set of chma. and linens, was a beautiful crocheted table- loth m.ide by Mrs. mother, Tim co-hostesses, who also assisted in the evening's courtesies, were Mrs. Guy Boyd, Mrs. J.

T. Howell, Mrs. J. Goodnight, Mrs. T.

B. Pratt, Mrs. R. A Harper Windsor Wilhite Puckett, Mrs. John Gobble, and Mrs.

W. B. Guests calling during the appointed hours were Mr. W. O.

W. Hall. All officers and members requested to attend. Any mem- in the (F. Chopin), bers visiting in the city are welcome.

Sammy Camp. "Hungarian from Rhapsodic No, 2 (Franz Liszt); "Beautiful (Foster), John Boyd. Duet, "Anvil (Verdi), Mrs. Luckett, Louis Wilhite. "The Fairies (Thompson), Frances Manley.

"Minuet in (Paderewski), Margaret Wilhite. "Voice of the Wind" (Jessie L. Gaynor). Betty Ann Landrum. fhe Double (J.

F. Wagner). Teresa Boyd. Sone. "Mo Dorris Lantrip, Jerome Malek.

"Wood Sprite and (Ketterer). Flora Jean Eaves. "Muscndins Les (Paul Wachs), Tommy Spurlock. (E. Di "Polonaise in A Major Edition (Chopin), Judy Sawyer.

I I (G. Bachmann), Betty and Mrs. Ed Morris, Mrs. Clara Hark- The Blue Circle Club oi the Gu Reserves will meet at the at 4:15 p.m. Mrs.

Harry Russell and Mrs. E. Skinner, hostesses for Beverly Russell. Mrs. George Weaks, Mrs.

Frank Stubbs, and Mrs. Robert Lynch will entertain with a tea complimentary to Miss Jean Terzia from four to six at the Weaks home on Riverside. Mrs. F. P.

Stubbs, Mrs. Ge'rge Weaks, and Mrs. Robert Lynch, hosU sses at tea at the aome i Mrs. Weaks on Riverside honoting Miss Jean Terzia. Friday Mr.

and Mrs. George Phebus will entertain the Neville High School senior class with a barbecue in honor of their daughter. Miss Suzanne Phebus, at their home, 2309 Jasmine. 6:30 p. m.

ness, and Miss Frances Durden, of Monroe; Mrs. Smith Sims. Mrs. Edith Thomas, Mrs. Fielding Keller, Mrs.

May Morris, Miss Tina Collins, Mr. J. L. Patterson and little daughter, Carolyn, and Mr. Grady W.

Patterson. of Bastrop Mrs. P. F. Pagan.

Mrs. L. E. Tilbury, Mrs. Torris Eldridge.

Mrs. Jeff N. Fontenot, Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. M.

H. Harrell, Mrs. All Presbyterians of Fairbanks. n. are invited to meet at the Union Duct, Giants (James Rogers), on ou.

1 next Sunday at 7:30 for the purpose of organizing a Presby- Mrs. Luckett, Gloria Jean Evans (N. Louise Wright), Tommy Spurlock. Trio, (Engelmann), Betty Spurlock, Teresa Boyd, Margaret Wilhite. "Warblings at (Brinley Rich- terian Church in Fairbanks.

Mrs. Payton Elliott has returned home from a two visit with her son in West Palm Beach, Fla. ards), Gloria Jean Evans. Mr and Mrs. Joe McCormick will ill Duet, "Over Hill and (H.

attend the graduation of their daugh- a n11'')e ngelmann), Judy Sawyer, Mrs. ter, Miss Jean McCormick, from the Mrs. Dunn. Mrs. M.

Parsons. Luckc(, Louisiana State University where she Mrs. C. Mason. Mrs Henrv Wvatt.

nr i i will receive her B. S. degree in home Mrs. Beth lake-well, Mrs. John Nors- Mr.

and Mrs. W. A Hinton cele- worthy. Miss Kathleen Kelly, Mr, hrated their golden wedding anni- economics. On July 1 Miss McCormick will enter the graduate school of Clyde Adams Mr.

A Tarver Mr versary on May 10 with a family dm- i Millg College, Oakland, to pur '10t at home. Seated at the i sue a ten-month dietitian training Guv Boyd, and Mr. Will Dunn, all of Collinston. SILVE AS ADVERTISED I JUNIOR BAZAAR ORIGINAL rubify am i. 24.50 LAY-AWAY from nationally known lines for which Silver 8 is North oujkuak Lirgwt and Finest Apparel Store festive board w-ith Mr.

and Mrs. Hin ton were all of their children and their families, Mr. and Mrs. H. L.

course in institution administration. Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Petterson Bynum and daughter, Patricia, of Oak announce the arrival of a son, Wil- Grove, Mr.

and Mrs. Harold Linquist liam Michael, at the Conwary Me- and daughter, Bettie Anne, of Shreve- mortal Hospital, May 19. The maternal port, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Linzay and grandmother if Mrs.

Jessie Armstrong children, Tommie Mae, Audrey Faye, and the paternal grandparents are Mr. David, and Shirley Dean, of Collins- and Mrs. J. R. Petterson cf Waskom, and Mr.

Lee Hinton of Monroe, i Texas. The maternal greatgrandfather is Mr. W. Davis and the paternal Mr. and Mrs.

Huber F. Smith of great grandmother is Mrs. J. A. Pul- Fort Myers.

motored to Indiana lard of Wwkom. for a visit with friends and spent a few days in Chicago, where Mrs. Mrs. Russell Simpson left the first Smith boarded a plane for Monroe to of the week for Tuscaloosa, to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

George visit her son, Mr. L. R. Simpson and Williams. She will be joined later Mrs.

Simpson. Mrs. Simpson will visit1 by Mr. Smith and will accompany him her mother in Goodwater, be- back to their home in Fort Mvers. fore returning home.

Mrs. Smith is the former Miss -----------Georgianna Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Slagle were among the out-of-town guests at- Friends will be interested to learn tending the wedding of Miss Helen that Beverly Roberts has received his Wilkinson and Mr.

John K. Laws at i honorable discharge from the U. S. St. James Episcopal Church, Baton infantry at Camp Shelby and is now Rouge last Saturday.

Miss Wilkerson at home with his parents, Mr. and is the neice of Mrs. Mable Chauvin Mrs. Fred Roberts, R. F.

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